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PM 2X2 1550nm Mechanical Fiber Optic Switch

Flyin Optronics' polarization maintaining (PM) fiber switches are fabricated from PM panda fibers and high-quality connectors that are compatible with industry standards. They are able to maintain a well-defined state of polarization (SOP) of the light.

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Operating Wavelength(nm)1310z±30 or 1550±30
Insertion Loss(dB)Typ: 0.6   Max: 0.8
Return Loss(dB)≥50
Cross Talk(dB)≥55
Extinction Ratio(dB)≥18
Power Supply(V)3.0 or 5.0
Switch Time(ms)≤8
Transmission Power(mW)≤300 (High power is available)
Operating Temperature(℃)-20 ~ +70
Storage Temperature(℃)-40 ~ +85
Fiber TyplePanda PM fiber
Dimension(mm)L27 x W12 x H8.2

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