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Flyin Group Draw Worldwide Attention in the 19th CIOE



The19th CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition) was held successfully in Shenzhen from 6th~9thSeptember, which is the largest exhibition in optoelectronic industry. Various exhibitors, visitors and professionals in optical communication industry gathered here from around the world to witness the development of optical communications, to show and to find the latest and the state of the art products. In this 110,000 square meter exhibition hall, over 60,000 attendants joined this big event to discuss about cooperation, opportunities, and visions.


During these four days, Flyin Group draw great attention in this exhibition and was also interviewed by several Medias on spot. The passive components like WDM, Fiber Patch Cords, PLC Splitters, Optical Switches etc; The active equipments like media converter, optical transceiver etc, and raw materials like V-groof, FA really grabs the eye of many optical communication audience and was highly valued by the professionals in this industry. Flyin’s real-time huge LED screen monitor, which presents the real-time factory scene, is even more an eye-catcher. It helps the buyers to see the factory without actually going there. It also shows Flyin’s confidence of large scale, high efficiency, well management and standard productions.


The organizers of this exhibition also attract many professionals from abroad to join this event through cooperating with overseas associations and various medias, holding high-end meetings, VIP buyer invitations, buyers procurement matchmaking meeting etc.


Flyin Groups successfully showed its great brand name, good reputation and strength in the globe market as well as showed its products and technology. Around 60 people both home and abroad are invited to the factory for a tour and discuss deeper about further cooperation during these days. All the Flyin employees sincerely thank every customer, partners and friends for their constant trust and support.


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Flyin look forward to meeting you again next year in CIOE.


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