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144 Fibers High Density MPO-LC Breakout Cassettle

Flyin's 144 Fibers High Density MPO-LC Breakout Cassettle. Double rail design, easy to assemble and manage. Lightweight ABS material for MPO module. Custmized color and logo.

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MPO connector complied with IEC-61754-7SAN(Storage Area Network)data center LAN
A quick-to-deployLAN/SAN switch equipment distribution area (EDA)
Scalable solution. Lower installation costEmerging 40G and 100G protocol
High compatibility, flexibility and system performance

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MPO ConnectorStandard SM MT FerruleLow Loss SM MT FerruleStandard MM MT FerruleLow Loss MM MT Ferrule
Insertion Loss(dB)Typical0.500.500.300.300.500.30
Return Loss(dB)604560452020
Operating Temperature(℃)-10~+70
Storage Temperature(℃)-40~+80

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