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4+1CH Compact CWDM Mux/Demux module(4/8-CH CCWDM) SC APC Connector605c55cf840c6.jpg

4+1CH Compact CWDM Mux/Demux module(4/8-CH CCWDM) SC APC Connector

Flyin’s compact size Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexers(Mini CWDM, Compact CWDM, CCWDM), are integrated optical modules using Flyin’s proprietary optical bench platform which can significantly improve optical performance, while also reduce manufacturing cost. Compare to the common standard CWDM module, Flyin's Mini CWDM takes much smaller package size. Much space can be saved in the application and meanwhile the performance and parameters are also better.All Flyin's CWDM modules are Telcordia qualified.(Meet TELCORDIA GR-1221-CORE)

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Typical Spectrum


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Performance Specifications

Channel Number (CH)488(+E1)8(+E2)
Center Wavelength(nm)1270, 1290…1610 or 1271, 1291…1611
Passband(nm)Channels (Min.)+/-6.5
Upgrade port(Min.)/1310+/-501260~1458
Isolation(dB)MuxAdjacent (Min.)30
Non-adjacent (Min.)45
Upgrade Por?(Min.)15
Adjacent (Min.)30
Non-adjacent (Min.)45
Upgrade Por?(Min.)15
Insertion Loss(dB)Channels (Max.)1.0
Upgrade Por?(Max.)//1.21.2
Maximum Ripple in Passband(dB)0.5
Min. Directivity (dB)?55
Maximum?Polarization Dependent Loss?(dB)?≤0.2
Maximum?Polarization Mode Dispersion (ps)0.10(GD)
Min. Return Loss(dB)50
Fiber Type?Corning SMF-28e,900um Loose Tube
Fiber Length (m1.0+/-0.1
Maximum Power Handling (mW)500
Opterating Temperature (℃)-10~+70
Storage Temperature (℃)-40~+85
Package dimension (mm)Package A: (L)44.0x(W)28x(H)6.0 ??Package B: (L)53.8x(W)28x(H)8.0

1. All specifications include the effect of operating temperature and all states of polarization.

2. Values referenced without connectors and insertion loss for a connector-pair is 0.20dB (typ.) and 0.30dB (max.).

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