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Isolator/WDM Hybrid Combination Spec

Flyin’s IWHC is a combination of a wavelength division multiplexer, tap coupler and an isolator in a compact package. This product has an extremely low insertion loss, and a very stable tap-coupling ratio. Fiber optic amplification is the ideal application for this product.

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Wide operating wavelength range

Compact size

High Isolation

Ultra Low PDL&PMD

Epoxy-free optical path



Fiberoptic Amplifiers

CATV Fiberoptic links

WDM systems

Fiberoptic instruments

The production workshop show

Performance Specifications


Single Stage

Dual Stage

Operating Wavelength Range (nm)

Signal Channel

C band:1528~1564 or   L band:1570~1605

Pump Channel


Insertion Loss (nm)

Signal Port



Pump Port


Wavelength Dependent Loss (dB)

Signal to Common


Wavelength Isolation (dB)

Signal to Common@Pump Wavelength Range


Pump to Common@Signal Wavelength Range


Reverse Direction Isolation (dB)

Common to Signal



Polarization Dependent Loss (dB)



Polarization Mode Dispersion (Ps)



Directivity (dB)


Return Loss (dB)


Optical Power (dB)


Operating Temperature (℃)


Storage Temperature (℃)


Fiber Type

Signal & Tap Ports

Corning SMF-28

Common &Pump Ports

Corning HI1060

Package size (mm)


ParametersSingle StageDual Stage
Operating Wavelength Range (nm)Singnal ChannelC band: 1528~1564 or  L band:1570~1605
Pump Channel965~995
Insertion Loss (dB)Singnal Channel≤1.2≤1.3
Pump Channel≤0.6










* 900um loose tube fiber available and connectorized process available

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