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Huawei release new ultra high density WDM system

Huawei release new ultra high density WDM system


The company released in February 2012 the new concept of WDM products. Compared with the present 50 GHz fixed interval of WDM system, huawei new WDM equipment provides the minimum 12.5 GHz interval of the frequency spectrum of the flexible interval. Huawei said that the technology not only can improve the spectrum utilization efficiency, and can be more for the next generation and the realization of the above 100 GHZ flexible bandwidth network carrier laid a foundation.

All sorts of broadband business capacity puts forward higher and higher requirements for transmission network. In the development of more than 100 g transmission system, the multicarrier technology is considered to be an ideal solution. But for now the mainstream 50 GHZ or 25 GHZ interval of WDM systems, it is difficult to meet the requirements of 400 GBPS and 1 -tbps systems.

12.5 GHz even narrower spacing is not a new concept of WDM bandwidth. As early as 2002 years ago the IEEE technical literature are related in the report. The author offered 12.5 GHz impression in the first interval is a commercial product in the us state of Maryland named Essex Hyperfine company, sold to the United States department of defense in 2003. Essex Hyperfine technology can do the narrowest 6.25 GHz spectrum interval, allegedly can have important application prospect in military and scientific research network. But after that it is rare to see reports of commercial products. Until recently the rise of WSS technology. Concept of flexible bandwidth between business also Finisar company first, then JDSU OFC/NFOEC on this year also have related technical reports.

Huawei is not only the development of the technology for the equipment manufacturers. NEC on this year's OFC/NFOEC has this aspect research and development of technical articles. 2008 gwangju, South Korea university scholars will also be 12.5 GHz separation technology is applied to WDM PON system. However, the company is the earliest release the light of the commercial products equipment manufacturers. Following this year OFC huawei launched 400 and 10 GDWDM prototype PBPS all-optical switching equipment prototype, it is a leading technology rival huawei again light equipment technology breakthrough. Considering the huawei to the recent breakthrough in the field of integrated optical device technology, in the field of optical communication technology, huawei has become a well-deserved leader.

Huawei has not yet announced the formal commercial WDM system recently.

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